How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost In UK

Hypnotherapy is a sure way to reach a person’s subconscious and help them deal with all kinds of life situations that concern them. Stress, smoking, tocs, fears and phobias, and many other behaviors are areas in which the hypnotherapist intervenes. Improving one’s abilities, managing one’s emotions, and of course pain management, are also topics that may be of great interest to people who come for therapy.

Many preconceived ideas circulate mainly because the only Hypnosis having voice in the traditional media is that of spectacle (stop smoking and diet too). I imagine that you have all seen at least once this man “with powers”, as the presenters of these broadcasts generally like to remind, to arrive on stage and in a few moments and under the credulous eyes of other spectators as well as most viewers, put under hypnosis selected people in the audience. And here we go for a good slice of fun on the back of people who have taken the plunge and accepted the experience.

Hypnosis is effective in many issues, we will present below those that have been the subject of scientific studies.

Hypnosis To Lose Weight

One study showed the positive effects of hypnosis on weight loss in obese individuals. Indeed, the hypnotic suggestions allowed to modify their eating habits, which was at the origin of the weight loss, but also to improve their body image.

Hypnosis To Cure Stress

By tackling the underlying cause of stress and changing its perceptions, hypnosis makes it possible to reevaluate its automatisms and worldview with little effort, and it becomes easy to learn how to live well with normal stress. and to free yourself from unnecessary stress.

Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Many studies have shown that 6 months after a session, the smoking cessation rate was between 30% and 40%. A more recent study showed that hypnosis sessions would be more effective than nicotine substitutes for treating cigarette addiction.

Hypnosis to facilitate pregnancy and childbirth

During pregnancy, hypnosis can help reduce anxiety about childbirth gradually and thus create a climate of trust favorable to labor and delivery. It also makes it possible to modify and improve the body perceptions of the pregnant woman.

Hypnosis To Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Some studies have shown that hypnosis significantly improves abdominal pain, bowel habits, abdominal distension, anxiety, and depression associated with this syndrome. Moreover, it seems that these benefits persist in the medium term (2 years and more). In the longer term (5 years), the practice of hypnosis would contribute to an improvement in symptoms and a decrease in the consumption of drugs.

Prices for hypnosis varies depending on the type of hypnosis and of courses the therapist, but just to give you an idea here are some of the prices we found :

  • Each Standard Session:  £80 per session.  Based on a 50 minutes to 1 hour session.
  • Sports Hypnosis:   £85 per session:  Usually sports hypnosis requires at least two or three sessions, lasting 50-60 minutes each.
  • Hypnotension Therapy:   £85 per session for the first 4 sessions. Usually begins with a 2-hour session (charged pro-rata). This therapy usually takes between 4-12 appointments.
  • Easy Quit Stop Smoking Therapy:   £245. One appointment approx 90-120 minutes long