Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

The type of hypnosis we are talking about here is not the one you see on TV shows, where the hypnotized loses all control of himself. hypnosis is not theatrical. We even live every day hypnotic states without being aware of it, for example when we look through the window of the train, or when we concentrate on an optical illusion: at that moment, we do not shine any more eyelids, the spirit ” pick up “and brain activity changes.

Losing weight involves reviewing your lifestyle, getting involved in sports, and changing your diet. The goal of detaching one’s clothes is not easy, and asks for a strong mind. This is where hypnosis can come in and help you lose weight. Hypnosis can affect outcomes, it can help you, and it can help you.

During a diet, it is sometimes difficult to give up, to abandon the sport or not to follow a food program to the letter. Hypnosis can help you maintain your motivation and consider your body differently. It will affect your relationship to food, your appetite, how do you consider your hunger, but also your motivation and so on. During the sessions, you will listen to a professional focusing on your voice. He will then try to create, reinforce or modify images and perceptions anchored in you. It can also make you talk, in order to succeed in unblocking certain problems rooted in you, or to make you aware of dysfunctions (addictions, etc.).

To lose weight, it is first necessary to change how you deal with food,. “Hypnosis does not lose weight miraculously. But it creates a desire for change by modifying values ​​such as conviviality, love and self-esteem or respect for one’s body. It also helps to maintain motivation over the long term, to anticipate situations “at risk” (outing to the restaurant, shopping at the supermarket, buffet at will …). This is one of the secrets of hypnosis: to be able to recreate images, sounds and sensations inside the brain. The latter does not make the difference between the dream and the lived, it will record them as real. It then becomes easy to reproduce a recorded situation, where one is, for example, indifferent to one’s favorite dessert, where one has enjoyed eating a light menu, where one has found the motivation to give back to sport.

Cannabis Oil and CBD Vape for Therapy


The function of hypnosis to lose weight is the same as that of conventional hypnosis: the hypnotist plunges the patient into a state of modified consciousness and deep relaxation.

The goal ? Make him/her communicate with the subconscious part of his brain in order to set up new automatisms. Phycial pain due to exercise will occur, but that is the good kind of pain. There are several Pain management solutions out there for example using cannabidiol oil from UK

When the person is in a state of hypnosis, the professional can help him to change his behavior and his relationship to food, pain stress etc. For example, the practitioner can make it indifferent to fatty and low-calorie foods or attract more to vegetables and fruits, taking supplements such as CBD Oil whilst not proven scientifically but in our (not medical) opinion does help. If the person considers a candy as a reward, the practitioner can also change that vision. During a hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist will work with his patient on the various behaviors that make you lose weight: stop snacking, practice physical activity, feeling full of satiety …

Note: hypnosis itself does not lose weight, but it helps the patient to change some of his habits, to motivate him and better understand certain situations (outings to restaurants, shopping at the supermarket …).